Tox. Dowels for the global market.
Moulded by Perzi.

Tox is a leading supplier of plug technology. The German company is successful throughout the world for its innovative attachment and fixing technology. As a Tox partner for innovation, development and production of injection moulds, Perzi supports a new product from the idea to series production. Company boss Reinhard Perzi: “We find these jobs particularly attractive, because we can apply every area of our expertise. The best thing is, it was word of mouth that brought Tox to us.”

Customer saves time and money. 0-series at Perzi.

Professional partners are absolutely essential for an economically justifiable development process. Tox defined the part weight and the cycle time and gave the development order for a new product series of special plastic dowels, in different lengths. Over numerous test series, the experts at Perzi developed an injection mould that could do more than the customer was asking. In a 0-series, the mould was tested at Perzi under production conditions for 20 hours. Tox saved itself additional test expenditure and was also delighted by the 0-series result, as the prescribed cycle times were heavily undercut. This means greater production efficiency. Perzi. Everything from a single source.