May we stick one on you?
The perfect solution for permanent connections.
Perzi Kunststoff & Alge Elastic


May we introduce ourselves?
Two companies, one goal: to create innovations that connect.

One thing is for sure: whenever two companies that cooperate at global level join forces – both with huge potential for innovation, passion for technology and a natural instinct for spotting trends – then only something special can come from it.
In plastics expert Perzi and Alge Elastic, specialist in elastic and non-elastic textiles, two innovative companies have united to conduct joint research and to connect objects that belong together using innovative products.

Very successful as individual companies, Perzi Kunststoff and Alge Elastic are even stronger together! This collaboration
in the name of progress unites the know-how, motivation and passion of our employees. Our joint research and development
is a big “yes” to new challenges. It multiplies the knowledge of our companies, boosts our ability to deliver solutions and therefore enables us to create innovative products that leave no customer wishes unfulfi lled. Together we are even better at making things stick.


Perzi Kunststoff
The partner for plastic in any form.

With immense passion, flexibility and innovation potential, as demonstrated by our own tool manufacture with a guarantee of up to two million cycles, the owner-run family business Perzi is the reliable industry partner for plastic. The company has been growing for 50 years now, as more and more challenging orders are received from customers. Harmony within the company is just as much a tradition as extreme precision in production and the knowledge that exceptional solutions and perfect injection moulds turn oneoff customers into regulars.


Alge Elastic
The partner for elastic and non-elastic textiles.

State-of-the-art machinery, all aspects of production inhouse and a pioneering spirit in technical textiles all combine to make Alge Elastic the perfect producer for elastic and non-elastic textiles. With 180 employees and over 90 years of experience, this owner-run family business manufactures innovative products for fashion and medicine alike and is the partner of choice for both elastic and non-elastic bands in the electronics, automotive, aviation, safety clothing and furniture industries in Europe.

Web: www.algeelastic.at


May we tell you our trade secret?
Our research and development are »homemade«.

Feel free to pass it on: one of the secrets to our success is that we do all our own research and development in-house.

With six collections per year, its own product development  team for weaving and knitting, and a laboratory at the heart of the company, Alge Elastic senses the future in the present. Conducting systematic and intensive development work with its own quality management, with expertise and in close cooperation with the Textile Institute of the University of Innsbruck is so worthwhile because it enables Alge Elastic to do the impossible. We are convinced of the value of intensive development work because it allows us to achieve the seemingly impossible. Every vision calls for new and unusual implementation strategies, so at Perzi we are always open to new ideas.

It goes without saying that we are very proud of our in-house design capability, our proprietary production processes and our quality checks in our own laboratory. Yet this does not prevent us from working with our partner Alge Elastic to research innovative products and new manufacturing opportunities and to develop further the things we have examined.