A benchmark for expertise and service

Mould making is very dear to us. Because we can give our expertise full rein. It is all about the exact solution, the mould that is the basis of every injection-moulded product. Perzi’s experts score heavily here for accuracy, ingenuity and empathy. 50 years of experience and state-of-the-art machinery, including linear technology with Sodick machines, make it easier to decide on Perzi, as does a mould warranty for a period of up to two million cycles. It is the sum total of many convincing arguments that leads customers from all over Europe and Asia to Perzi.


The signs are good for growth

Mould making has experienced growth lately too. An extension has created new premises for development. Design – milling – electro-discharge machining – maintenance and service – all these areas are independently and carefully organised in accordance with efficiency and quality standards.

Well-structured methods and procedures ensure fast turnaround times. Depending on what is required and how complex it is, customers can have access to the completed mould within 5 to 12 weeks.


Emergency practice. Open over the holiday.

As a flexible family-run business with lean structures and swift and informed decision-making, Perzi can also respond without delay “in an emergency”. As an example of what this “emergency practice” means, an order as per sample on 22nd December can be signed off on 4th January!