Context of the organisation in the management system according to IS0 9001:2015

Perzi Kunststoff GmbH, Spritzguss und Formenbau

The context of the organisation in the management system according to IS0 9001:2015 is first of all characterised by a decisive “yes” when facing new challenges. Mutual respect, a strict focus on quality and our self-confident approach to the future have made PERZI what it is today – an internationally successful company with strong roots and a high problem-solving competence. Our demands in relation to quality, environmental protection and work safety have grown steadily over the past five decades. A key pillar of the success of this owner-managed family company is our culture of mutual respect which enables us to master these challenges. Our employees have great loyalty to our company, we have long-standing supplier partnerships and a high number of regular customers: all signs of a stable business policy. The quality management system IS0 9001:2015 covers the whole organisation of Perzi Kunststoff GmbH, Spritzguss und Formenbau. The aim is to jointly strive for innovation, quality and a focus on performance.


Our employees. Our customers. Our suppliers. Our environment. And Us.

What motivates us? Of course there’s the desire for success but - equally important - the desire to do good and help people and the environment. What is our attitude to our work? Our basic idea is this: Together we are strong. Together with our customers, we are able to develop ever new ideas; together with our employees, we can increase productivity; and together with our suppliers, we acquire new markets. Together we strive to create a friendly, healthy and safe work environment. Our positive relationships give us power, motivate us and ensure that we provide cutting-edge products and services in the second generation.


Zero-defect claim

Perzi is aiming to achieve qualitative growth by implementing the management system according to the standard ISO 9001:2015 as well as a consistent process focus. Our day-to-day work is aimed at zero defects, with us fully aware that we can always learn from any mistakes. Preventative error avoidance, and systematic product and process development, are fixed components of supportive quality assurance. If errors occur, an emergency plan ensures that we respond professionally.  Our budget provides sufficient funds for risk management. Our employees are specifically trained to prevent and fend off risks.


Social responsibility

As a regional employer, we view us and our employees as an important part of society. We are committed to regional development beyond what benefits us economically, and support e.g. education, sports, charities, and cultural and environmental projects. Accordingly, the company takes an open, partnership-based approach as a reliable and innovative contact with which it is a pleasure to work together. Regular training offers and health programmes for employees are provided by default, as are open days for interested members of the public and taster weeks for young people.  Perzi is a friendly neighbour for the industrial zone and an employer that is intent on offering targeted further training for its employees, according to the principle “Everyone is the master of their sphere.”


Customer focus 4.0 Think global, act local.

In an age of digital transformation, we use the benefits of digitisation to consistently focus on our customers. We analyse our customers’ markets and know our customers’ desires. We take a wide view on the big picture to open up new perspectives of collaboration. The market performance of Perzi is always also focused on increasing our customers’ economic benefits. This is based on a straightforward entrepreneurial approach:  If our customers are doing well, we do well. The same principle applies to suppliers, employees and the environment. 

Perzi is a company that develops further to stay abreast of constant challenges. For managers and employees, this means that we are permanently and fully dedicated to the cycle of planning, execution, and implementation of findings. Our thoughts and actions entirely revolve around people and their needs. 


The Directors

Lustenau, 15 May 2018